Why SPC Flooring is so Popular

SPC flooring is a new type of floor decoration material widely used in the world today. It has been popular in foreign markets for a long time.  SPC flooring is of high quality and low price and popular with people, the development prospect is very broad. So,what are the characteristics of SPC flooring and why is it so popular.

Compared to traditional flooring, SPC vinyl flooring completely overcomes the problems of seams, warping, and bulging caused by the heat and humidity environment, and has a longer service life.

Why SPC Flooring is so Popular

SPC flooring is highly decorative, with a wide variety of colors and textures, such as wood grain, marble grain, carpet grain, etc. The patterns are realistic and beautiful, and the colors are rich and colorful, which can fully meet the individual needs of designers and different decoration style And, there is no color difference, and it can be used for a long time without fading.

Reusable, because the SPC lock flooring is easy installation and glue free, so it is easy to disassemble and can be reused, and especially suitable for temporary places such as exhibitions and stores. In addition, the floor can be reused when moving house.

Glue-free installation. Ordinary laminate flooring needs adhesive when paving. However, adhesives contain chemical components such as formaldehyde, if they are used more, it will cause indoor pollution. However, because of the locking force of the SPC lock flooring, even the glue-free paving, the joints are also very tight, and no problems such as bulging or cracking due to temperature changes.

Why SPC Flooring is so Popular

The installation and maintenance of SPC vinyl flooring is convenient, there is no cement mortar required when paving and not afraid of water, oil pollution, dilute acid, alkali and easy to clean.

Eco-friendly and renewable, SPC lock flooring is the only floor decoration material that can be recycled, which is of great significance for protecting our natural resources.

Wide range of applications, vinyl flooring is widely used in offices, schools, hospitals, sports venues, shopping malls, hotels by its thin thickness, multiple colors, low-carbon and environmental protection, easy installation and high cost performance, etc.

The high-elastic foam cushiony, and the SPC flooring after seamless processing have good elasticity under the impact of heavy objects. SPC flooring with comfortable foot feeling, it close to the carpet, and is very suitable for elderly people and children.

Small seams and seamless welding, the classic lock technology forms a seamless connection, moisture-proof and dust-proof, easy to clean without leaving dead corners; ultra-high pattern matching, which very suit for the environments with high sterilization requirements such as hospital operating rooms.

Super abrasion resistance. The surface of the SPC flooring has a special transparent wear-resistant layer through high- tech processed, which is super wear resistant and impact resistant, and not easy deformed, its general service life is 20-30 years.

Why SPC Flooring is so Popular

Slip resistance. The wear resistant layer of SPC flooring has special slip resistance performance, it is more anti- slip when wet and it is the first choice of ground decoration material in public places with high public safety requirements, such as airports, hospitals, and kindergartens.

Fireproof, the fire rating of SPC flooring can reach B1, which is the highest standard for floor fireproof. And high-quality SPC flooring does not produce suffocating, toxic and harmful gases when passively ignited.

Waterproof, vinyl resin has no affinity with water, it will not be damaged or deformed when wet. At the same time, it will not be moldy due to high humidity.

It is precisely because of so many advantages of SPC flooring that it will increasingly win people’s favor and become the first choice of decoration material of the public.