Ten advantages of SPC (RVP) flooring Part

SPC flooring is a new type of floor decoration material that is widely used around the world today . Why is SPC (vinyl plank) flooring so popular? Let’s have a look !

AdvantageⅠ: Green ,eco-friendly and formaldehyde free ;

Formaldehyde is the “culprit” in decoration pollution and its release cycle as long as 8-15 years. Living in an environment with excessive formaldehyde for a long time will not only be harmful to the human respiratory system, but also affect children’s intellectual development and even cause cancer .

Ten advantages of SPC (RVP) flooring Part

However , SPC flooring is a kind of product with eco-friendly materials ,which uses calcium powder as the main raw material , extrudes PVC base by extruder combined with t-mold , through one-time heating , laminating and embossing PVC wear resistance layer ,PVC printing layer and PVC base respectively by the three roll or four roll calender ,the process is simple and the lamination is completed by heating , and no glue used during the production process, so it does not contain heavy metals, phthalates , methanol and other harmful substances . It is really a formaldehyde-free eco-friendly flooring .

AdvantageⅡ: Waterproof & moisture-proof , suitable for any place ;

The essential component of SPC flooring is composed of wear-resistant layer, mineral rock powder and polymer powder , naturally water resistance ,the waterproof performance of SPC floor is basically equivalent to laying a waterproof material on the ground , which can block the moisture of the bottom layer and can also prevent the water from seeping down . choosing SPC floor , you needn’t to worry about the floor of your home being swollen by soaking water any more ,or deformed because of temperature changes , or mildew due to high humidity .It fundamentally solves the problem that wood products are easy to decay, swell and deform after absorbing water and being affected in humid and watery environment .

Ten advantages of SPC (RVP) flooring Part

AdvantageⅢ: Super anti-slip performance ;

The the SPC flooring wear-resistant layer has special anti-slip performance. Its unique craft and anti-skid design make the floor “more astringent”, the friction of the floor  will become larger when water is spread on it , so you no longer have to worry about slipping and wrestling. Therefore, the SPC floor can not only be used for interior decoration of living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms , etc., but also in public places with high safety requirements ,it is the preferred floor decoration material for airports, hospitals, kindergartens, shopping malls,and schools.

Ten advantages of SPC (RVP) flooring Part

 AdvantageⅣ:  High fire resistance , effective flame retardant ;

Ten advantages of SPC (RVP) flooring Part

The SPC floor itself doesn’t burn ,naturally flame retardant ,and its fire rating can reaches B1 level. It is difficult to catch fire when exposed to fire or high temperatures, if it burns and not easy to spread quickly ,and when the fire source is removed ,it will stops immediately, and the smoke generated during passive combustion will never harmful to the human body or produce toxic and dangerous gases ,this also one of the important reasons for choosing SPC flooring in many public places now .

AdvantageⅤ: Strong plasticity ;

The SPC floor has its special printing layer ,the pattern is printed on PVC film by gravure printing ,and then through press roll with patterns , the realistic wood texture will be printed on the floor surface .There are various of colors and grains for you to choose , Such as carpet grain ,stone grain, marble grain, etc., and even can achieve personalized customization .You can also DIY according to your own preferences and fully reflects your unique style. 

AdvantageⅥ: Wear Resistance & Long Service Life ;

There is a transparent wear layer on the surface of SPC flooring ,so it has super wear resistance , impact resistance and not easy to deform . the test friction revolution of high-quality general laminate flooring about 6,000 , while the SPC floor wear according to its thickness of wear layer from 10 -50 years . We can through a test to prove: scraping back and forth on the SPC floor with a steel ball or other sharp tools, you will find that there are no scratches on the surface, and the texture is still very clear.

Ten advantages of SPC (RVP) flooring Part

AdvantageⅦ: Anti-Bacterial & Mould Proof  ;

SPC flooring has certain anti-bacterial properties, some flooring have been added with anti-bacterial agents during the production process and surface has been treated with special anti-bacterial and anti-stain ,which can effectively inhibit the breeding of bacteria and will not be mouldy because of excessive humidity. Therefore, it can be used in laboratories, hospitals and other environments with high requirements for sterilization.

Advantage Ⅷ: Warming & Energy Saving ;

The calcium powder base layer of SPC floor has the similar thermal conductivity and thermal stability as mineral rock ,so it is very suitable for use in geothermal  environment and will doesn’t deform or release harmful gas . The elastic layer and wear-resistant layer structure of SPC flooring makes floor heating and energy saving more effectively .

Ten advantages of SPC (RVP) flooring Part

Advantage Ⅸ: Fast & Easy installation ;

The click lock design of the SPC flooring makes installation much more convenient ,only need to align the bayonet on both sides and snap them together , you can also assemble it by yourself .The ground needn’t special treatment ,it can be installed directly after leveling . In addition ,it can be directly paved on the original tiles or on the floor without knocking off the old tiles , which is very suitable for the old houses renovation .

Ten advantages of SPC (RVP) flooring Part

AdvantageⅩ: sound absorption & noise reduction;

SPC flooring sound absorption above20 dB , which other ordinary flooring materials cannot compare ,so you no longer worry about the noisy of upstairs and downstairs, and it will creating a quiet and comfortable living office environment for you .

Ten advantages of SPC (RVP) flooring Part

What’s more , SPC vinyl flooring also with the features of insect resistance, termite resistance and comfortable feet , etc. It can meet your various needs!