SPC Flooring VS Solid Wood Flooring

SPC flooring is a new type of floor material that has appeared in recent years. The fidelity of imitation wood grain is comparable to that of solid wood flooring. However, its performance is much higher than it. Let ’s take a look at the differences!

Raw materials

The main raw materials of solid wood flooring are wood, with adhesive edge banding agents such as glue, and a protective layer such as paint and wax on the surface, so it contains toxic gases such as formaldehyde, and it needs to cut a large number of trees, which is not good for protecting the environment. .

SPC flooring is a new type of environmentally friendly floor decoration material. The main raw material of SPC flooring is polyvinyl chloride resin, which is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resource, and SPC flooring is a reusable flooring material. It is of great significance to protect our earth’s natural resources and ecological environment.

SPC Flooring VS Solid Wood Flooring

Waterproof performance

Solid wood flooring is non-waterproof and non- moistureproof, and will mildew when the humidity is high, it is easy to breed bacteria, and it will cause large dimensional changes with temperature changes, and it is greatly affected by weather and humidity and easy to be deformed and warped after water immersion;

The main component of SPC lock flooring is vinyl resin, which has no affinity with water. It will not be damaged and deformed when it is wet. The surface is treated with special antibacterial and antifouling, which can effectively inhibit the breeding of bacteria, and it won’t mildew because of too humidity.


Solid wood flooring has poor stability and need to keel during installation, which is costly.

SPC lock flooring is easy installation, as long as the locks fit into each other to form an accurate occlusion, you can install it by yourself, greatly reducing the time laying, low installation cost and no glue. In addition, it can be installed directly on the original tiles and directly on the floor without to knock off the old tiles, which is very suitable for the renovation of old houses.

SPC Flooring VS Solid Wood Flooring


The sound insulation effect of solid wood floor is average;

SPC lock flooring has the characteristics of sound absorption and noise reduction. Indoors with SPC flooring will be more relaxing. It will have a pressure-relief effect on urban people with increasing pressure. It plays a very good role in reducing noise on the upper and lower floors of high-rise buildings.


The wood of the solid wood flooring is natural, and its annual rings and textures can often form a beautiful picture, giving people a natural feeling, comfortable and beautiful.

There are many kinds of SPC flooring grains, such as carpet grain, stone grain, wooden grain, etc., and even personalized customization can be achieved.


Although the wooden flooring is good-looking, it requires more care and maintenance, and requires regular waxing and maintenance. It is easy to be scratched by sharp objects .

The maintenance of SPC floor is very convenient. The floor can be cleaned with a mop. The maintenance frequency is much lower than that of solid wood flooring.


Solid wood flooring is expensive, generally ranging from 200-500 yuan per square meter, and some are even thousands of yuan per square meter.

And SPC lock flooring is cheap and fine, the price is only about one fifth of the real wood floor, and its cost performance is much higher than the solid wood flooring.

These are the differences between solid wood flooring and SPC flooring.