How to Maintain the SPC Vinyl Flooring

As a new type of high-tech eco-friendly material, SPC vinyl flooring is widely used in hospitals, malls, kindergartens, gym, classrooms and other places. Although compared with the traditional solid wood floor, it has the advantages of water resistance and wear resistance, but it also need to be maintain in daily use , which is also of great significance to the flooring service life . So how should SPC floor be cleaned and maintained?  

1. Cleaning the floor regularly can keep the floor beautiful and durable. When cleaning the SPC floor, it is not allowed to use the cleaning ball and knife to scrape. It is necessary to avoid direct exposure of strong light and ultraviolet radiation to prevent the floor from discoloration and fading. 

2. Although the waterproof and fireproof of SPC vinyl flooring , and the fire rating can be reached B1, it belongs to flame-retardant decoration materials, this does not mean that SPC flooring is not afraid of fire, so ,we should pay attention not to put the burning cigarette butts, mosquito repellent incense, live iron and other high-temperature metal items on the floor directly , otherwise it will cause damage to the floor.    

3. Compared with the solid wood floor, SPC vinyl flooring has strong wear-resistant and durable performance. However, when carrying goods, especially when there are sharp metal objects at the bottom, do not drag on the floor to avoid damaging the paint surface of the floor and affecting the beauty. In order to reduce the wear and damage of the floor, carefully move the object to the proper position.

4. More attention should be paid to the frequent passing areas. When cleaning, use special SPC flooring cleaning product and cotton mop. You can also use warm water mixed with a little soap to clean the floor, do not use cleanser containing ammonia or acid and alkali, these products may damage the wear-resistant layer of the floor surface, shorten the service life, and may permanently damage your floor. Therefore, before using any cleaning products, it is recommended to test in a small concealed area.   

 5. The best time for SPC flooring decontamination is to wipe the dirt with a rag before it dries completely, and then clean the floor with water. Pollution is closely related to the composition and color of pollution and stains, as well as the temperature at that time. It is particularly important for SPC flooring to remove all kinds of dirt on the ground in time.           

6. Put small carpet at the entrance, this will remove dirt and debris from the shoes. Cleaning the carpets and doormats regularly and don’t put it on the floor for a long time.

7. In addition, pets should not scratch the floor. High heels may cause dents on the floor.         

As long as the SPC flooring is properly maintained and cleaned in accordance with the above methods, the floor can remain as bright as new.