How to Choose the Color of the Bedroom SPC Flooring

  Color can convey us the most intuitive feelings, and it can also best reflect the effect of home decoration. And the choice of the flooring color has the most direct impact on the environment we live in. Reasonable color matching can bring us a better living experience. However , the SPC flooring of various colors dazzled us. So today we are going to talk about how to choose the colors of SPC flooring !

How to Choose the Color of the Bedroom SPC Flooring

Ⅰ.According to the Furniture Color

The flooring color should set off the color of the furniture and take  soft as the main tone. In terms of hue, light-colored furniture can be matched with light and dark colored floors arbitrarily. However, dark furniture is not recommended choosing too dark SPC flooring , so as not to make the space too dark and create depressing scenes. In addition, the walls and floors can be used in close colors and presenting more enlarged and extended sense of space.   

Ⅱ.According to the Indoors Lighting Conditions

Not all the rooms in the family are well lit, There are both good and poorly lit rooms. Therefore, when selecting the color of the  SPC flooring you can according to the room’s lighting conditions. For rooms with better lighting conditions, the choice of flooring colors is very wide, dark and light colors are all possible, you can select it accordance with your personal preference. For rooms with poor lighting conditions, you should choose a floor material with high brightness and light colors, because the bright warm colors will give people a lively, pleasant, and exciting feeling, and warm-colored SPC flooring will have a reflective effect , it can make the house brighter. If there is natural insufficient lighting in the home, it is necessary to avoid purchasing dark colored SPC flooring, because it will not only make the space looks narrow, but also produce a sense of visual pressure.

How to Choose the Color of the Bedroom SPC Flooring

Ⅲ.According to the Area of the Room

The area of each room is different , so the selective of SPC flooring color is also different. Generally speaking, the cool color tone has a magnifying effect, therefore, the small area room need to choose a cool color floors, it will make the house looks wider and it more suitable for small household. And warm colors will shrink the space, giving the illusion that the space becomes smaller visually. Therefore, before purchasing the SPC flooring, you should considerate about the area of the indoors first, If it is only a small area , recommended to buy a bright and light-colored SPC flooring. And the thick and heavy SPC floor is suitable for broad space, which can make up for the empty feeling in the space and produce a quite and sedate feeling.

Ⅳ、According to the Different Rooms Functions

The bedroom is the main resting place, the environment should be quiet and comfortable. Therefore, the flooring should be choosing warm colors to make people want to sleep.

How to Choose the Color of the Bedroom SPC Flooring

V. According to the population of different ages

The elderly, children, and young people are different groups, so their requirements for the living environment are also different. When choosing SPC flooring to decorate house, you should pay more attention on color. For example: warm-colored floors are more suitable for the elderly and children, it looks softer and can create a warm and comfortable atmosphere . While the young are an energetic group of people. They prefer some hues with higher color saturation, which can give them a strong visual impact. Therefore, the color of the SPC flooring can be choosing slightly brighter. Of course , people’s preferences for color are varying from person to person , so the specific color of floors to choose  also can be determined by your personal preference.