Household SPC Vinyl Flooring Purchasing Tips

SPC vinyl flooring is a new type of polymer environmental protection material that has appeared in recent years. It has the advantages of zero formaldehyde, fireproof, and mildew resistance. And for the various brands of the SPC flooring , how should we choose the best quality SPC flooring on the market? Next, I will show you a few tips for purchasing SPC vinyl plank.

Household SPC Vinyl Flooring Purchasing Tips

1) Look the color: mainly look at the color of the “SPC base materials”. The color of the pure material is beige, the mixture is gray and cyan, and the recycled material is gray-black and black.

2) Touch feeling: The SPC base material feels delicate and has a moist feeling. Recycled materials and mixtures are dry and non-hydrating. Check the two floors whether flatness and fit good after splicing.

3) Smell: Only few extremely bad ones have a little odor. Most of the materials containing recycled materials and mixtures can still be odorless.

4) Transmittance: The mobile phone flashlight is illuminated against the floor and has good light transmittance. The mixture and recycled materials are not transparent, or the light transmittance is poor.

Household SPC Vinyl Flooring Purchasing Tips

5) Water dropping test: Detect whether the place where the lock of the floor is connected is leaking and test the anti-slip performance of the floor.

6) Break off the Click Lock : Find a sample and break off the lock part , The SPC poor quality of flooring is very brittle and very easy to break .However, the high-quality SPC lock flooring has good flexibility and not easy to break.

7) Tear: Find several pieces of samples from different manufacturers, and perform destruction carding at the corners, tear the decoration printing layer and the SPC base material , and see the adhesion between the printing layer and the substrate. This decided whether it will peel easily in use in the next few years. The bonding strength of pure virgin materials is large, followed by others.

Thickness choice of household SPC lock flooring.

Household SPC Vinyl Flooring Purchasing Tips

The thickness of common SPC floor in the market is in the range of 3.5mm-6.0mm, The thicker the substrate, the thicker the wear layer.

▪3.5mm floor is mainly used in places where the frequency of use is not very high, some rental rooms, stores, gyms, restaurants will be renovated in 3-5 years, etc.

▪4.0mm floor is mainly used in home, office, hospital and other places that have requirements on the ground environment and aesthetics.

▪5.0mm and 6.0mm floors are mainly used in home decoration, shopping malls, exhibition halls and other places with a large number of people, and require a longer service life.

Therefore, the general thickness of 4.0mm for home is sufficient, we can choose the appropriate one according to the actual situation.

These are some tips for select the SPC vinyl flooring and I hope it can help you .