Can SPC Vinyl Flooring for Underfloor Heating?

In cold winters, floor heating is essential, especially in northern regions, so the flooring pavement is especially important. Floors of various brands, materials and styles on the market are dazzling. What kind of flooring is most suitable for underfloor heating?

Firstly, let’s learn about the heat supply method of underfloor heating floor. Underfloor heating transmits heat to the room through the floor. In this heating method, the floor is an intermediary that connects heating pipes to the human body. When choosing floor heating floor, we must pay attention to the heat dissipation, heat resistance, environmental protection and safety of the floor material. From the heat dissipation, heat resistance, environmental protection and other performance , SPC vinyl flooring is undoubtedly the “best partner” of underfloor heating.

SPC Vinyl Flooring for Underfloor Heatin

Good heating and cooling performance

The underfloor heating floor is used in a more complex environment. Not only need to resist the attack from the ground, but also need to withstand the high temperature brought by the underfloor heating. The surface of the SPC vinyl flooring is treated with PUR crystal shield, so it has good thermal insulation performance. In addition, the material of the SPC vinyl flooring has stable physical properties, good thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion coefficient , adapt to sudden temperature changes, and will not swell or deform. SPC vinyl flooring is the first choice for underfloor heating in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and other countries and regions.

◆ Traditional wooden flooring are easily deformed due to sudden temperature changes, which will affects its comfort level and unaesthetic

◆ Although the thermal conductivity of the ceramic tile is good, it absorbs heat quickly and dissipates heat quickly, and it will be very cold when you step on it in winter.

◆SPC vinyl flooring has strong thermal conductivity, which is more suitable for underfloor heating room. It can transmit the temperature to the floor within several minutes.

SPC Vinyl Flooring for Underfloor Heatin

Green and eco-friendly

Under normal climatic conditions, an increase in temperature of 8 ° C will double the formaldehyde concentration in the air. Therefore, when the indoor temperature increasing to a certain level, the volatilization of formaldehyde will be accelerated.
The main raw materials of vinyl flooring are polyvinyl chloride and stone powder. Polyvinyl chloride is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resource. Stone powder is a natural material, non- formaldehyde, which is more environmentally friendly. SPC flooring is composed of wear resistant layer, mineral rock powder and polymer powder, and the splicing seamless, there is no need to worry about the floor being deformed and moldy due to water bubbles.

In addition ,it has good flexibility and can be restored to its original shape even after repeated bending at 90 degrees ,so you don’t worry about falling, which is very suitable for families with elderly and children.